10 best Gym Workouts for Rapid Weight Loss

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You may wonder what would be the best workout routine at the gym to shed off the excess weight! Well, if you are up to the routine I have highlighted some of the 10 best gym workouts for rapid weight loss that you should try at the gym in this post.

You may wonder what would be the best workout routine at the gym to shed off the excess weight! Well, if you are up to the routine I have highlighted some of the 10 best gym workouts for rapid weight loss that you should try at the gym in this post.

Do Gym Workouts Help In Weight Loss?

With your mindset on losing the excess weight, you don’t need and still keep fit, definitely, the gym exercises will help you a lot in achieving that. Just stick to that daily ‘getting sweaty’ routine at the gym and you will tone your muscles, lose weight, and hit new PR too.

At first, the workouts may seem kind of difficult to deal with, but don’t give up; within the first few days you need to maintain a solid exercise regimen at the gym.

Tips For Best Workouts For Weight Loss Results

Adopting healthy eating habits; on top of your gym workouts, it helps a lot to include good & healthy eating habits in your weight. Because to lose that excess weight and body fat entails a lot, for instance, adopting healthy eating habits, creating a calorie deficit by eating less, and using more of the same at the gym.

Similarly, you need to keep your lifestyle habits in check, for example, handle your sleep and stress patterns correctly, on top of checking your overall health status. Then put those muscles at work in the gym, but remember that you need to understand that weight loss from workouts differs from one person to another; it doesn’t work the same for everyone!

4 Key Things You Should Consider Before Starting Gym Workouts For Weight Loss?

You need to consider some things before you hit the gym to shed off those excess body pounds. They include;

- Checking your eating habits-to reiterates this you need to pay attention to your food choices! This is more important than hitting the gym for workout routines. it will ensure that your weight loss results stick.

- The workout Routine should be maintained by becoming a part of your weight loss routine in the most appropriate and meaningful way possible. At least ensure you work out thrice per week as you start then increase it to more than five sessions once you get used to it. However, ensure you have enough rest to reset mentally, physically, and emotionally.

- Bring you’re A-game to each gym workout session-the push you give into the sessions should always be maintained at 100% all through. At the end of each session ask yourself if you have really done all or if you should give more.

- Go for a trainer or workout routine that thrills you-because it will help a lot to stick to it and it’s more important than just losing your weight. The more you love your workout plan and sessions the more the likelihood you will stick to the same.

The 10 Best Workouts For Weight Loss To Go For

At first, you may not be up to the whole idea and you don’t love it at all, but don’t give up at all, look for the best trainer or just make or break your workout objectives.

Highlighted below are the 10 best gym workouts for weight loss you can embark on at any time you need them.

HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training

The most recommended training style by gym workout experts, especially for weight loss plans. It involves having hard workouts for a set period, followed by a rest, and then repeating the same hard routine again. This makes your heartbeats spike and then slow down in a pattern; however, active rest is vital to achieving the best out of this routine.

You can achieve HIIT through;

Indoor cycling

for best cardio strength training through the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. See the whole routine here.

Weight Training

This technique makes the top weight-loss method you can rely on and entails resistance training using your body weight only or with added weights. As you build up your muscle power you will also burn excess calories and body fat. Similarly, it is a known fact that with more weight lifting there is a subsequent increase in your resting metabolic rate. Hence, your body burns more calories even when resting.

Just maintain a weight lifting routine at least thrice a week at the gym.

Boot Camp

To keep your body’s metabolism elevated you should consider a boot camp as your workout plan. Boot camp is basically a combination of two workout methods; interval and resistance.

With some exercises, more so the cardio and strength-focused ones, full-out for short bursts of time, and combined with short rests.

However, consult your trainer to determine the best weights or workout intensity if it’s your first boot camp.


As a part of interval boxing, you should use your core to punch those bags and not only your arm strength. More importantly, it enables you to use muscles that are often forgotten in most gym workouts.


Get the dust off your running sneakers and hit that track or trail! The best way to lose weight from running is by sprinting uphill or cranking the incline on the gym treadmills. Uphill will help you to work out your glute and leg muscles which will use a lot of energy and burn more calories.

Still remember that, as you run, stop to drive your knees as high as possible and strike the balls of your feet down directly under your body. You should keep the arms and hands open and at right angles as you do this. Move your arms in a straight line to your face level then back to the top of your back pockets. Also, don’t let your arms cross over your body at all to reduce energy wastage.

Other 5 best Workouts You Can Try for Weight Loss at the Gym

Besides the above workouts, you can still include the following in your gym weight loss plan;

- CrossFit Workouts,

- Tabata high-intensity interval training,

- Yoga sessions for added flexibility and overall body health,

- Swimming,

- And jumping rope.

To learn how to perform each of the above gym workouts click here.


For your workouts to help you lose the excess weight, it is vital to stick to the plan without compromise. Enough said it’s the high time you got off that couch and got busy with a workout routine! Embrace that new wave of energy and healthy living today!

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